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Recruiting Great Care Workers isn’t Easy But Maybe You’re Partially to Blame!

If you’ve been responsible for recruitment at any level, then you’ll already know that it’s a complex job at the best of times and there are many challenges to hiring great talent, regardless of the sector you serve. However, social care more challenges than most, especially when it comes to sourcing and selecting great Care Workers. 

Hiring the right people with the right values is vital to the success of your company and if you haven’t worked this out already, then I’m guessing you’re either experiencing high staff turnover, being crippled by extortionate recruitment agency fees or you’re struggling to grow your company, with the latter usually applying more to Domiciliary Care and Home Care providers.

Regardless of location, company size, or service offering, the most common issues I hear from Owners, Directors and Registered Managers are:

  • The pay is too low
  • No one wants to work in care
  • People are only applying to keep their benefits
  • Everyone goes to our competitors because they pay more
  • We can’t find the right people with the right values
  • I don’t have enough time

I could go on.

The reason the recruitment challenge ‘could’ be your fault, is that in many, if not most cases, the Owners/Directors and Managers are heavily contributing to recruitment failures themselves, though not deliberately of course. I’d even go as far as to say that in 90%+ of cases, they’re unaware that their actions are wasting their time, money and letting great and potentially great talent slip through their fingers.

Over the years, I’ve learned that recruitment is an ongoing process, not a set of connected separate events. Recruitment isn’t something you do when you’ve got time in between other things. You can’t take short cuts, you need polished scripts and you need to track your numbers. You must have high levels of drive and tenacity too if you’re going to be successful.  The problem is, most care providers have no in-house recruiter, no time, systems, or polished, effective scripts. ‘Yes’ they may have selected someone in the business to be the so-called ‘recruiter’, but in most cases, it’s a stretched administrator that’s been tasked with the ‘on top’ job of recruiting. With no training or idea of best practise this would be challenging for anyone so more often than not, they don’t enjoy it. Even when a company is big enough to have an HR Manager, they’re unlikely to be trained recruiters either. It’s a different skill set and if you’re big enough to need an HR Manager, then they’ll have 101 other things to do on any given day. Overseeing the recruitment process is one thing, but calling 500 candidates on a Monday morning and chasing interview no-shows isn’t their strength, and they’re unlikely to relish the task.

Gone are the days when you can put an advert in the paper and be swamped with applications. You can’t call the jobcentre and ask them to send you 5 people tomorrow for an interview. If you don’t change your process and adapt, then growth will stall or agency costs will rise.

The Care Hub offers a recruitment and retention healthcheck. This looks at your current processes and procedures. Who’s doing what tasks, how long it takes from start to finish, where you’re investing recruitment advertising budgets etc. The Healthcheck gives you a company-specific report that outlines your priorities and a set of recommendations that you can implement yourself or we can support with some or all of it.

Here are some key areas you may need to address in your current recruitment process.

  • PROCESS: Application forms – when, where and how are you using these in your process?
  • EASY CAPTURE: Career Page – is yours a live page with real-time vacancies and can people apply directly?
  • MANAGEMENT INFORMATION: Applicant Tracking System – if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Who’s accountable for recruiting? Owners/Directors is this really good use of your time?
  • EFFICIENCY:  Time taken from advert placement to role fill – how long is your process?
  • COST:  What is your cost per hire? Do you know?
  • TIME:  Do you call every applicant three times, send them emails twice and text them twice before ruling them out? If not…then why not?

There are challenges and it’s unlikely ever to be easy, but you can make simple changes, that if implemented, will transform your recruitment. 

If you want to learn more about The Care Hub’s Outsourced Recruitment Services then please click here or book a 15-Minute call to discuss your own unique needs.

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