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Every Day is Different in care!

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has announced funding has been approved for a second wave of funding for the continuation of the national social care recruitment campaign called Every Day Is Different

It’s heartening to see such focus and investment being directed into the future of social care, there’s no doubt it is needed to help the UK navigate its social care challenge.

The increase in our ageing population signals increased demands on our social care services, great news for those looking for a lengthy rewarding career in care. However the sector is suffering from terrible retention rates with a shocking 390,000 care workers leaving their job every year (approx.)*1. There are approximately 110,000 vacancies at any one time*2, that’s a lot of jobs to fill.

If you’re responsible for recruitment then this statistic will probably not be very welcome. In our experience we know most individuals who take on the role of recruitment have to fit this in and amongst managing a care environment.

It’s not meant to be, but recruitment becomes an afterthought, clearly the priority is to care and as we all know, there is no down-time in the care sector.

The problem with approaching any task as an afterthought is that the results will more than likely disappoint you. If you want to attract quality candidates to your business a dedicated and considered approach to recruitment is required.

There are good people out there that want a career in care, and these individuals will make great support workers, carers and managers. These people aren’t just turning up because the Job Centre told them to. They are responding because they are genuine, dedicated and desire a career in care.

Isn’t it only fair that the sector should meet the expectations of these individuals and present in a way that communicates to them that you want them in your company?

What if I told you that you can? Improve both the quantity and quality of the people that you attract and hire, and still have the time to do your day job?

Take control of the whole process. All you need is someone to show you how to source, attract, identify, and hire confidently.

Want to learn more? Book a free consultation with The Care Hub, the sector’s proven recruitment transformation experts, guaranteed to save you time and money.

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