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5 reasons why you need to seriously consider outsourcing your recruitment

Outsourcing your care recruitment can at first glace be a daunting and somewhat uncertain pathway. I mean, you’ll lose control of your recruitment, it will cost a fortune, you won’t hire the right staff and it will upset the internal team, right? 

Well, what if I could tell you these are myths and quite the contrary? 

Outsourcing to the right team with the same values as your company is one of the easiest, most cost effective and proven ways of making your care recruitment a huge success. 

Read below the ‘Top 5 reasons why you need to consider outsourcing your recruitment.’

1. We’re care recruitment experts. 

How would you feel if you could double the size of your company over the next 12 months? Our team not only has an abundance of social care recruitment expertise, but have the benefit of all being previous care assistants, support workers and working for care providers in HR, recruitment and administrative roles. 

Imagine having all this experience within 1 care recruiter? It means you don’t have to train your internal staff, saving you time and effort, you don’t need to hire an experienced internal recruiter, at minimum costing you £25k per annum and more importantly you can let your internal team focus on the the roles they were hired for and that they’re good at. 

2. You save time

Imagine having time to focus on the key areas of the business and leaving the recruitment to the experts. 

Having a dedicated account manager who works as an extension of your internal team, means you can contact them whenever you like. You don’t need to have your internal team writing engaging job adverts, posting jobs, looking through hundreds of applications, screening candidates,dealing with the paperwork and arranging interviews. Leave that to your account manager. 

3. You save money

How would you feel if you could save your business money, whilst growing it at the same time? 

We hear that a lot of care providers leave the full recruitment tasks to their administrators. Hiring an administrator to do the tasks that need completing in the business is a good thing and can ease the pressure from your senior management and care managers. However, hiring an administrator to carry out your recruitment needs can often be a recipe for disaster. 

Administrators are not recruitment experts and in most cases, have never worked in care. Our recruitment experts are not only ex carers and support workers, but experts in care recruitment. 


4. We work as part of your internal team

People often confuse ‘outsourcing’ to mean they lose control of certain tasks which can become demotivating for the team and the business will lack consistency. The Care Hub completely goes against this and we’re proud to call ourselves part of your team. 

Your dedicated Account Manager will have an excellent relationship with your internal team. We pride ourselves on the following steps;

  • An introduction call is first on the list so we can become familiar with one another. 
  • We then learn about your business and the services you provide. 
  • Your internal staff let us know the types of staff you’re looking to recruit. We can then source excellent people to work with you. 
  • We have regular updates with your internal team and you can contact your account manager anytime you need. 

All of our clients have seen exceptional results, most recently Standwalk Care in Manchester, where we reduced Standwalk Care’s vacancies by 72.13% in just 16 weeks. To learn how this was achieved, you can download the detailed case study for Standwalk here. 

5. Increase retention & grow your business

Retention in the care industry has been a challenge that has unfortunately caused headaches for business owners and care teams for decades. 

Millions of people are looking to work in care. The number of vacancies is far less than those applying. So why are care providers still struggling to find staff and more importantly retain them? 

Outsourcing your recruitment is an amazing opportunity to allow us to sell your company ethos, your culture and your amazing staff. 

People applying for a role in care want to know why they should work for you, rather than other care providers in your area. 

Your account manager will learn about all the reasons to work for your company and in turn let the candidates know what they should work for your outstanding company. 

Once the candidate understands that working for you is a privilege, then you and your internal team can prove this by;

  • Having an amazing on boarding experience
  • Thorough and clear induction 
  • Outstanding training and development
  • Regular spot checks and reviews
  • Updates on any changes in regulations 
  • Great relationship with care manager and internal team

If your staff feel valued, they are a lifetime employee. 

I hope this information has been of value to you. To download our free e-book with further tips and advice please click here or you can book a time in our calender to arrange a time to speak with us that suits you.

Thank you for reading.

Stephen Forster

Recruitment Account Manager

The Care Hub

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